Thinking about changing your school uniform or your uniform supplier can be quite a daunting prospect. So making sure that you select the right supplier is essential.

There are numerous benefits to choosing Price & Buckland, but here are our big three to get you started:

1 British branded

With over 50 years’ experience and a rich heritage of manufacturing premium schoolwear for a wide range of different schools, we are immensely proud of our British roots.

Based on the outskirts of Delhi and partnered with Price and UK, we stand for superior quality, reliability, honesty and excellent service. Our highly skilled New Product Development Team are leading the way in great design; year after year we innovate in order to create uniforms that are full of character and style. Our garments have been tried and tested by over 2,000 primary and secondary schools, as well as numerous large blue chip companies. We have an unrivalled track record of producing outstanding school uniforms and sportswear, using the latest technologies, in our very own factory. We pride ourselves on delivering fantastic results to our customers as well as our ethical trading and sustainability values. We ensure that we invest in our staff and keep them happy and motivated as well as supporting charities locally and beyond, we do genuinely care.

2 Manufacturers, not traders

We design, produce and supply made to measure garments from our own dedicated factory, ensuring quality and consistency at every step

Because Price & Buckland is a manufacturer as well as a supplier, we have complete visibility and control over the entire production process, from start to finish. Not only does this enable us to easily adapt to our customer requirements, but we are also able to ensure extremely high standards in the supply chain. We have our own factory based in a thriving textile industry, where we locally source and select the very best fabrics and materials. Since we can ensure superior quality across all stages of garment production, our customers have every confidence in our schoolwear and the consistency that they get year after year. No matter how many orders they place with us, we can guarantee the same high quality, every way, every time. With our huge inventory of fabrics and skilled manufacturing team, we can deliver new and refill orders quicker than any other supplier. Our new factory is a benchmark in quality overseas manufacturing; our facilities and production equipment have significantly improved our efficiency and the overall worth of our products. Our customers can expect a quick and reliable service, whether it’s their first order, or subsequent sale.

3 Outstanding value

Our prices have remained competitive year after year, so you’ll know you’re getting best value.

We firmly believe that a great looking uniform can be affordable. That’s why our prices have remained competitive year after year, without us compromising on the premium quality of our garments. Because you come direct to us, the manufacturer instead of going through a third party, we are able to offer fully bespoke schoolwear, without the expensive price tag. By choosing locally sourced fabrics and producing garments using the latest technologies, we are able to greatly improve efficiency. This in turn helps us to drive down our production costs, which means we can offer our customers the best schoolwear on the market at affordable prices too.

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