Naveen Thapliyal
Director, Price & Buckland India Ltd.

Standing at the forefront of expertise in production, international marketing and business development, Naveen Thapliyal is the Director and principal founder of Price & Buckland India, a leading schoolwear manufacturer located on the outskirts of Delhi, with its parent company based in the UK.
A go-getter, Naveen holds an MBA degree in management, international trade and business administration. He has 19 years of expertise in the textile industry, heading up the business planning, management, marketing, sales and other core facets of the company. His vast experience in establishing and creating business solutions is testament to the inception of Price & Buckland (India).
Aside from the continual strategic planning in order to sustain company growth, Naveen also oversees the day to day smooth functioning of the organisation. From understanding the market needs and maintaining international relations with clients, to managing the internal functions, Naveen is the driving force behind the development of the company.
As well as being a dedicated entrepreneur, Naveen enjoys keeping abreast of current affairs happening around the globe – be it business, sports, social or politics. With a dynamic personality, he strongly supports continuous mentoring and encourages a fun and friendly ethos within the workplace.
Naveen’s association with Price & Buckland is longstanding. He envisions taking the company from strength to strength, both in India and beyond, by offering exceptional school uniform and sportswear solutions with the continuous support of UK partners Nick and Anthony Buckland.

Nick Buckland
Director, Price & Buckland UK Ltd.

I take great pride in being part of a family business that is fast approaching its 60th anniversary. The business has been through many changes since it was established by our father in 1959 and we continue to evolve and change in response to our customers and to the opportunities offered by new technology.

Together with my brother, Anthony and long standing colleague, Naveen, we care passionately about what we do and together with all colleagues from across the business, we’re very proud to be a truly global schoolwear supplier. From our new manufacturing base here in India, we are now distributing uniforms to children in Europe, India, the UAE as well as Canada. We believe in always putting the customer first and we work tirelessly to manufacture and supply high quality garments, that are value for money and supported by a service that is second to none. This ambition is only made possible by working with an amazing group of dedicated people who share the same ambition and belief.

Ant Buckland
Director, Price & Buckland UK Ltd.

I believe that it has been by maintaining our strong family values that Price & Buckland has grown into a successful global schoolwear brand. We care about the people we work with, we care about the quality of what we produce and we care about our customers. There is an overriding passion within Price & Buckland and a dedication that runs throughout the business to design, manufacture and deliver superb quality and value to our schools and parents, wherever they may be in the world. By putting our customers first and working together as one team, we can exceed our customers’ expectations and offer schoolwear solutions that are unique and truly exceptional.

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